Hi everyone,

First I'll give you some background of what exactly I'm working with. I just got hired at a large company that wants to make a completely new website. The thing is I'm not familiar with the programs and I'm trying to learn all the tools I've been supplied. The tools I have to work with are:

Dreamweaver cs6
Microsoft visual studio 2012
SQL server

It is a retail business that stores all the items and item information in a SQL Server database. What I've been asked to do is pull the information out of the database when the user types things such as the color, price, etc in a detailed search filter. I've tried to pull the information from the SQL server into Dreamweaver but it isn't really working out. I did some research on the fact and learned that Dreamweaver hasn't really updated their database linking capabilities. I was thinking that I could do all the web editing in Dreamweaver and then port that over to visual studio and from there link it to the database, but I don't know how I would go about that or if that is even the best option.

If anyone has any advice or how I should go about making this work it would be very much appreciated.