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Thread: AJAX, ASP & Web Site design

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    AJAX, ASP & Web Site design

    In the next release, you'll find a lot of features with AJAX option. The most difficult one to implement is the MyInputForm. Beside the fact that an image verification option is implemented, the auto generated form is done with AJAX with an external verification program. AJAX works with a main file with an event button when clicked will send data like querystring and work with an external program in which the result is placed in the AJAX container <div id='MYAJAX'></div> of the main program. Kind of messy but Tornado has automated made all of that and make it painless. The implementation of this module was derailed by the fact that AJAX submit does not work with non-conforming HTML code. That mean all the <Table><TD> formatting does not work. Finally got it to go with making input forms w/o the non-conforming code.

    BTW, please note that the dynamic data generated by AJAX & ASP does not work well with the search engine as the data is dynamic. Most search engine does not like to be trapped. If you are designing a web site that would like to be searched. SO not use these technique.

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    Clarification - ASPdb.Net and ASP.Net


    When you use the ASP.Net controls (form/session/postback based). Your chance of having you page searched by the search engine is not good. If you use standard aspx like - (no querystring)

    <!--#include virtual="showitems.aspx"-->
    <%= here %>

    Now, you are OK !!

    As for AJAX, there is no hope with search engines. It is a cloaking feature and great for security. So only use it for FORM submission to be safe.


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