Hi everyone. I have installed DB2 LUW 11.5.8 some days ago on my Windows 10. Connection from PHP 8.1 works fine, but I do not succeed to connect from Perl (Strawberry Perl, 64bit). Trying to install DBDB2 (using CPAN) fails. So, I tried to connect using ODBC. But, when running my script (essentially the same that I use with Firebird ODBC), nothing happens; what I mean is that the script runs and runs, no output... The problem can't be a bad configuration of my DSN, because connection from Windows ODBC Administartor worls well, and I succeed to read data from the "sample" database from a Lazarus/Free Pascal application, that connects using ODBC.
No idea, what I do wrong... Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.