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Thread: DB2 Large Tablespace has one container that's exceed limit 4TB

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    DB2 Large Tablespace has one container that's exceed limit 4TB

    Hi all,

    I used DB2 11.1, and has application that created table with USERSPACE1 using large tablespace to store large table with LOB column.

    Yesterday, I got this below message when try to insert new records:
    MESSAGE : ZRC=0x8404000A=-2080112630=SQLD_RC_MAX_OBJ_SIZE
    DIA8710E Maximum table size was reached.

    As I investigated, I was found there is one large tablespace container file as below has 4TB.

    This Database has used Automatic Storage when created, and this tablespace is DMS.

    I tried to add new tablespace container into this tablespace but unfortune there is this error:

    DB2 ALTER TABLESPACE {TableSpace} ADD (FILE 'C0000001.LRG' 500G)

    SQL20318N The ALTER TABLESPACE statement failed because the change is not
    allowed for the type of table space. Table space name: "{TableSpace}". Table
    space type: "AUTOMATIC STORAGE". Incompatible clause: "ADD". SQLSTATE=42858

    How can I force this tablespace to create new container file to avoid used existing tablespace container that already exceeded 4TB limited file size?

    Best regards,
    DBA who was found nightmare.

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