I've been using Paradox for many years, but just had a coding error that has me totally confused:

I run Paradox V9 under Win 10 22H2. I had to modify some code, and on running it, was surprised to see a dialog that told me "An error was triggered in the 'Home' Method of an object of the TCursor type. This was followed by 'TCursor was not open.'" I have certainly seen this error before, but I was baffled by it in this particular situation...

That's because the code did not call the "Home" method. I had Paradox search, and the word "Home" does not appear in the code.

I have relaunched Paradox, and have rebooted the System, but the odd error persists.

I am eager to learn more about what might cause this to happen, and what I might do to correct the situation.

Many thanks,