Hello all,

New to the forum but hoping for some guidance. I was a net admin for 12+ years then upper management the last 8+ or so. I am now in a position providing reporting and data analytics for a company with currently 6 retail stores and another 3-6 in process.

I am looking for a database solution to track and store the performance of our daily and weekly promotions. I have looked into Caspio and other sort of no code DB aps as I am by no means a DB Admin, but their record limits would prove them quickly ineffective.

My goal is to be able to upload set data (sales, uses, ect) for each promotion to a DB with a search engine type front end that I can work with out marketing team to utilize when searching for a promotion to run in a given store, area, or for a product typ or category. The data details really aren't as big of a detail as any solution of this type should do the basic functions I am after.

My issue is, I honestly don't know what is out there that would be the easiest, user friendly solution. I have been out of my field for a while and stepping back in to t in a field that wasn't really what I did to begin with has been a challenge. I kept the servers running for the guys that did what I do now lol.

There would only be 4-8 people needing access to it and updates would be in the form of excel type uploads. I would be the developer, admin and power user ultimately training our younger generation management team how to utilize it.

Any recommendations anyone has would be greatly appreciated and I thank you for your time.


San Bernardino, CA