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Thread: Which SaaS/database for small project tracker?

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    Which SaaS/database for small project tracker?

    I run a small translation agency, our small team is scattered around the world.

    To keep track of our translation projects, we had a Googlesheet designed by a pro.

    It basically keeps track of basic data (client, project name, project status purchase order ref., planned delivery date, cost per word, total cost of job, etc)

    This online sheet - used internally only performs simple functions: calculate amount left on a purchase order, display in a single cell a message like "Dear Client_1, you job name_2 would cost price_3 and would be delivered on the date_4, ..., please confirm thx" which we can copy and paste into an email. Nothing fancy.

    Problem is, cracks started to appear quickly with such a setup: you can't get delete/hide old data (jobs that were long done, dusted and paid for; hide out of date P/O, etc) We have a lot of clutter. And it gets slower.

    We looked high and low for an SaaS that can do this type of work but we seem to fall between the cracks (we are in between a CRM and an invoicing modules). Available SaaS solutions seem quite complex to set up (we looked at Monday, Zoho, Airtable, etc)

    Question: do you know of any SaaS that would cover this and be v. simple to set up?

    If not, do you think that we should embark on tryong to build our own database? What would be a chap and cheerful solution? Or should be bite the bullet, scrape our pockets and get a database designer to create one for us?

    Thanks for your help.
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