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Thread: Database for a small business

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    Cool Database for a small business

    Hi dears ,

    I've built at home a small database in MS Access for my wife work purposes. The database includes 5~7 tables with relationships.
    However she does not have MS Access at work and not permitted to install.
    I'm looking for a tool / software with the following features:

    - i could implement / copy same MS Access concept
    - she could enter data
    - i could maintain in remote / create queries / make for her reports

    Thanks in advance

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    You can use your Microsoft Access Databases Online!

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    Hi Steve, thanks for the offer.
    Looks as a good solution, however I'm in doubt if the business will participate in software expenses.
    Are there other (free) solutions that applicable a local purpose?

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    Steve, thank for the offer.
    However it costs and the business will not participate in expenses.
    Are there other (free) solutions on the market, that applicable for one-user local business solutions?

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    MS Access Runtime is free. This allows using an Access database for data entry and running reports, however, cannot modify design. You would have to do that will full version of Access then provide user with a new version of db. Should split db. Backend for tables and frontend links to tables. Frontend has queries, forms, reports, code. Edit design of frontend and provide users with revision without impacting data. If backend must be modified, users should not do any data entry while you take the backend file home and modify then replace their old file with the revision. You really want to be placed in position of maintaining a company's db you aren't even employed by?

    There are other tools that would be free but it would mean learning one or two new applications and probably rebuilding from scratch. Review
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