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Thread: Suggest Best Book for MySQL for Beginner

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    Suggest Best Book for MySQL for Beginner

    Hello All, I am in the Second Year of My engineering and I am looking for SQL online book, I am confused to choose the right one for beginner points. I have checked some references for SQL Books but I am not clear to find out the best one. Can anyone suggest to me good author names?

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    Hi there. I'm pursuing my basic course in coding and before I started my course, I had read a few books that helped me a lot. If you are still struggling to choose the best one, here are some books that I had learned and are also best for beginners. "MySQL for Beginners" by Andrew Hughson and Markus Winand. This book is considered a great resource for beginners because it provides a comprehensive introduction to MySQL and its use in web development. And another one is "SQL: The Complete Reference" by James Groff and Paul N. Weinberg. This book is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of SQL, including the basics of SQL syntax, data definition and manipulation, and database administration.
    Hope it helps.

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