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Thread: How to create instance after installing data server client

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    How to create instance after installing data server client

    I need to make a "native-client" (CLI) connection from a Linux system to DB2/z to do some queries. I was able to download and install the data server client (v11.5.7_linuxx64_rtcl.tar.gz) from IBM.
    The next step is to create a client instance. IBM says to use the db2icrt command to do this:
    However, that command is there. I used "find" to search everything below the directory where I installed the client, and there is no file with that name.
    So how do I create the client instance without that command? Or can I make the connection to DB2/z without creating a client instance (how)?

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    Creating an instance after installing the data server client depends on the specific database management system (DBMS) you are using.
    SQL Server:
    Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
    Connect to the server where you want to create the new instance.
    Right-click on the server and choose "New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation"
    Follow the prompts to complete the installation of the new instance.

    Open the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) from the Oracle home directory
    Select "Create and configure a database"
    Select "Advanced installation"
    Follow the prompts to complete the creation of the new instance.

    Open the command prompt and navigate to the MySQL bin directory
    Run the following command:

    mysqld --initialize-insecure --user=mysql

    Once the initialization is complete, start the MySQL server using the command:

    Log in to the MySQL server using the mysql client and create a new instance by running the following command:

    CREATE INSTANCE 'instance_name' USING DATADIR='path/to/data/directory';

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