Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to ask this question. I know very little about databases, knowledge management, taxonomies and ontologies so please bear with me.

I have built a model of a Resilience model using a mindmapping tool. It captures some key concepts such as threats, feared events, use cases, performance requirements. It builds up set catagories and subcatagories within each concept, and then builds up catalogues of examples (leaf nodes in the mindmap), assigning them to one or more catagories and subcatagories. Finally, captures relationships between the examples across different concepts within the model.

By way of an example (don't worry about the details here, it's just a simple example): one threat might be a "Email Phishing", which is an type of Threat catagories including "Password Breaking" and "Social Engineering". All "Password Breaking" threats (including "Phishing") can lead to a Feared Event called "Theft of IP". "Theft of IP" is catagoriesed under Feared Events as both "Theft" and "Loss of Market Leadership". "Theft of IP" is related to many Use Cases, and one can therefore infer that "Email Phishing" is therefore of concern to all those Use Cases.

You can imagine my mindmap quickly got pretty messy - this type of modelling is not what mind maps are for. It was also completely impossible for anyone but me to use.

I now want to formalise this model, and make it easy for other people to explore and navigate (preferably published online), maybe even to edit, in a very user friendly and visual way. From the eample above, query what are all the Use Cases, filter and choose the one they are interested in, see all the Feared Events, and on then on the back of that a list all the relevant Threats.

That's where I've got stuck. I've looked at so many tools but none of them seem to achieve what I'm trying to do. I can't work out whether what I'm trying to do is unusual and so no simple tools exist to do it, or whether it's much more complicated than I'm giving it credit for, or whether I'm just looking at the wrong things.

Is this best achieved with a database, and building a front end for it (well beyond my skill set, but hey)? I've tried some simple databases, e.g. airtable, but they didn't have nice visualisation tools.

I've tried some Ontology tools (e.g. Protege and VOWL) but the visualisations and navigation are awful.

I've tried Graph Databases (e.g. neo4j), but they seem to focused on visualisations (not necessarily very well) and data entry is a nightmare.

I've tried some more complex mindmapping tools, in particular inforapid which is probably the closest I've come to what I wanted out of the bag.

I had a look at UML tools but they didn't seem to have any data driving them. Maybe I missed something, or maybe you have to move up to Enterprise Architect or something like MODAF/DODAF/NAF.

Does anyone have any experience doing anything like this, or have any thoughts on how to do this? Am I on a hiding to nothing?