Which database to choose for testing software app?

I want to set up a database to hold multiple-choice questions and answers organized by topic and subtopic and possibly subsubtopic and level of difficulty. I would add the questions and answers casually, like maybe five per week. I might add up to 1200 questions.

The questions and answers are technical and use mathematical symbols, so I would prefer to enter them as LaTeX code or else as a pdf output of a LaTeX file. This seems to be the biggest hurdle. MathJax exists for html but it is somewhat limited too, so LaTeX is ideal.

On the frontend I would like to embed an app on my webpage using an html iFrame asking for a User ID, e-mail, and password. Once they enter this info, they would be able to choose topics or subtopics, whether to be timed or not, how many questions, etc. Then they would be presented one question at a time.

ClassMarker is an existing similar app, but it does not give the test taker control over the topics, the timer, etc., or enough visual/design control. More importantly, it does not permit mathematical symbols to be displayed except as an image, and images do not scale well.

I have no experience with this, but I thought I would start myself by creating the database and slowly adding the questions if possible, and then hiring someone to help me with the front end/ embedding part.