I realize you may not be able to respond, but I thought I'd give you a try. I'm researching all options. I work as a volunteer for a very small, outpatient hospice in Boquete, Panama. All of our services are free, so we cannot afford much. However, we would like a database to track patient data as well as the services/equipment provided. Equipment inventory is a big concern. Keeping track of this has been difficult. Each team has been maintaining their own documents. I have volunteered to design a database for them. Right now, I have everything entered on Excel pages, but I don't know how to auto-populate. For example, I would like to be able to fill in the patient data on one tab, including any equipment they have checked out, and have this information automatically populate the equipment inventory tab. That's the main idea. I'd appreciate any help or direction you can provide. Thanks, Christine.