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Thread: Cloud-based database for person use?

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    Cloud-based database for personal use?

    Is there a cloud-based database service for very limited personal use?

    I am managing a neighborhood project to distribute 700 record albums to neighbors who want them. I'd like to set up a database app in the cloud that the neighbors can log into to browse the list of albums and select the ones they want. it would need to be accessible to both Windows and Mac users. If it could be accessed by smart phone, too, that would be great.

    The whole thing will be over in a month or so.

    I already have the information in an Access database, so it should be fairly easy to export it to something like a csv file and then import it to the cloud database.

    I don't need it to be free, but all of the ones I have found online charge a monthly fee per user.

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    The last time you posted this, Excel was mentioned. Did you give that some thought?

    What happens if you put the records in a box and tell your neighbors to come look through them?

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