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Thread: What kind of database uses this file is this in my User App Roaming Folder

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    What kind of database uses this file is this in my User App Roaming Folder


    I have an application that uses a local database and saves the stock charting data in this file format ?

    It is encrypted


    What Database is this... ?

    Is this a File Database... ?

    See attached sample file in zip with stock charting data file as an example

    thanks... CJ
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    What is the application?

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    Hi June7...

    Since I posted my question to DBJournal... I have also asked the app company, who created the Stock Charting application that creates these simple Data files, what database this is. They said there is NO database for their stored stock info data... Just these data files that hold stock data per bar time size. A file for 1 minute bars, 2 minute bars, 3 minute bars, 5 minute bars, 10 minute bars, 15 minute bars, all the way up to daily, weekly and monthly bar files.

    As in... Every stock has it's own folder in the roaming master folder main folder inside the user/app part of windows 10. Each stock has all the different Bar size if requested by a user the first time... Each stock data file are in their own named designated folders. one folder... one stock. Color me surprised.

    When i look inside at the overall main folder(Historical Data).. I see BA (Boeing Stock) folder, CAT (Caterpillar stock folder), SPY, DIA, QQQ, etc., etc., etc. So... If i was charting 1000 stocks... They would have 1000 individual folders... same for 2000 stocks... 2000 individual folders.

    I guess they have a file based Database system... If that is the correct term?

    I found this interesting because their Stock Charting app works quite efficiently... and YET... Almost all other Stock Charting apps I have worked with for over 10 years ALWAYS have a database. For example, another one I use at the same time, right now, has SQLite as it repository for data.

    If a user only watches a few stocks then this would work fine... But if a uses watches 1000s of stocks the data in this area would balloon HUGE due to the duplication.

    Anyway thank you for your interest.

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    Hi June 7... It is a stock charting App. The company, after I asked, told me that they do not have a database only have each stock in a folder and save the data to a bar size as bar_data1, bar_data5, bar_data60...

    So no database... just a file system i guess...


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