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Thread: Best database for collecting user data?

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    Best database for collecting user data?

    I would like some suggestions for a database or database-like application that I can use to collect responses from 15-20 users (neighbors).

    I have about 800 old vinyl records that I have collected from neighbors who no longer want them. I plan to distribute them to other neighbors who do. Partly as an excuse to get up to speed on database design, I want to create a database for these records with fields for who donated them and those who want them. Then I'll write an algorithm to allocate them as fairly as possible.

    I would iike to create a "data-entry" form that I can send to each neighbor who wants some of the records. Each one can run it to indicate their preferences. It would create a data file with their preferences that they can send to me. I can then "upload" that into the master database and run my algorithm against it.

    I have Office 365. I am hoping that I can do this with Access, since i already have it and I want to use it for other personal projects. I know it can do the database part. What I don't know is whether it can create the data entry forms that each neighbor can run.

    If not with Access, is there another database that I can do that with?

    Thanks for any help.

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