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Thread: Can I create a form users can use to send me data?

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    Can I create a form users can use to send me data?

    I have about 800 old vinyl records that I have collected from neighbors who no longer want them and plan to distribute them to other neighbors who do. Partly as an excuse to get up to speed on database design, I want to create a database for these records with fields for who donated them and those who want them. Then I'll write an algorithm to allocate them as fairly as possible.

    I would iike to create a "data-entry" form that I can upload to a OneDrive folder. Each neighbor who wants some records can download and run it to indicate their preferences. It would create a data file with their preferences that they can send to me. I can then "upload" thaty into the database and run my algorithm against it.

    Can I do that with Access? I have Office 365.

    If not with Access, is there another database that I can do that with?

    Is there a better way than my plan?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Briefly, not really. Access forms live inside a database file. From what I've read, sharing any db via OneDrive is not practical (have you researched?). Access used to have a utility that allowed sending and retrieving data via email, called Collect Data. If you used Access 2010, that utility would be available.

    SharePoint may be an option, but I've never used.

    Or perhaps simply an Excel spreadsheet. User downloads workbook to their local PC and fill in then email to you and you import data to Access. Can build data entry form in Excel that feeds data to worksheet rows. This does require quite a bit of coding.
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