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Thread: Looking for a solution for online databases

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    Looking for a solution for online databases


    I'm looking for an online database tool. I've got an Excel file with quite a lot of rows, and there are five columns, with each acting as a parameter. Each combination of these parameters is unique. I need a solution that works kind of like pivot tables in Excel, but can be edited as well. One parameter (column) will be used as columns, one as rows, two as filters and one as value. I will also need to compare data from two files on a separate dashboard.

    Is there a solution for this that doesn't require coding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyL View Post
    Does it have to be an online tool? I posted some info about a new database I created along with an easy-to-use analytics tool that anyone can download and try for free. I am working on a new feature which will let it process Excel files directly, but for now you can export the Excel table to CSV and import that file easily. It can do pivot tables very quickly even if you have millions of rows. is the website.
    Thank for the reply!

    It doesn't really have to be online. I've checked your software, and it looks like would be an overkill. I need something that could be easily used. Kind of like a dashboard.

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