As everyone knows, there are lots of different databases that have been invented over the years. I have invented another one and anyone is free to download it and try it out. It is built on top of an object store of intelligent data objects called 'Didgets' (short for data widgets).

1) Each relational table is a columnar store where each column is basically a highly optimized key-value store so the table has a very flexible schema. New columns can be added at any time or existing columns can be deleted or modified. Queries that only address a limited number of columns in the table only need to read in those columns from disk.

2) Fast queries without needing separate indexes. In my testing, queries execute about 4x faster than the same data imported into Postgres, MySql, or SQL Server. There are no indexes to maintain and updates do not require changes to both a table and its index.

3) Three dimensional tables. Since each column is a separate key-value store, each row can have multiple values mapped to its key for each column. So importing a Json file with an array for 'Phone Number' instead of just a single value works just fine. A Json 'document' with 4 phone numbers will be represented in the 3D table as a row with 4 separate values or a 'depth' of 4 for that column.

4) Fast pivot tables. Pivoting tables with millions of rows only takes a few seconds.

5) Interactive tables. Just double-click on a table to do a 'SELECT *' query. Just double-click a value in one of the rows to instantly see all the rows that have that same value. Click on a column header to instantly see all the unique values in the column and how many rows each value has.

I just started the beta test. It won't do everything that other databases can do yet (e.g. not all JOIN operations are supported), but lots of features work. I have tested it out so far with tables up to 2500 columns and up to 120 million rows. is the website where you can get more info and see demo videos.