Greetings Forum,
I'm new here and have been tinkering around with some mapping options on data base.

Currently my DB use Bat files to trigger SSIS packages that either load or export data.
Running Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 14.0.17289.0

I'm kind of a novis with knowledge to SQL but have been programming in Python and Basic for awhile now.

My question is: IS there a way to log the transfer of data: (A flow of Data) Starting from the Load to the translate to any tables and I'm looking for the mapping of triggers and stored procedures. Unfortunately I'm not working with DB2 and seems the dependencies in my DB aren't up to speed.
Id like to create a log: that runs on the DB and logs new data flow and only updates if there is a change in the original log.


Batfile1.bat ==> SSIS_Package1.dtsx ==> Loads CSV_File1.csv ==> Table1 ==> Stored_procedure1 ==> (Manipulates data) ==> Table2

Log would look something like this.

Name Process Source Destination ID Time Stamp
ScheduledJob_NAME SSIS_Package1 CSV_File1.csv Table1 User_xyz Today
StoredProcedure1 Stored_Procedure Table1 Table2 User_ABC Today

Any and all help is welcome!

Also if this isn't in the right location i wasn't sure where to post lmk! Thanks.