Dear all,

first of all, since this is my first post, I want to say 'hello' to everyone.

I work as an engineer in a structural analysis department and we have an in-house database containing material data. The data implementation process into data base is very ineffecient and therefore time consuming. I was assigned to have a deeper look at this (although I have no idea about database design, but that's another topic ).

The current implementation process is like this:
Step 1: Reading analog documents (e.g. pdf) containing data to implement
Step 2: Inserting manually each material propertiy, measurement value etc. into a template/spreadsheet
Step 3: Checking the values
Step 4: Cross-checking and reviewing the values by two other colleagues (4-eye-principle)
Step 5: Release

Does anyone know how this is normally done in database design or knows a faster approach to get data in the database? Or, is there any known software/scripting language (possibly with KI) which is capable to read the documents and transfer the values automatically? Or, the other way round, what would you do to get the data in fast?

I mean, in times of big data, there must be a more effecient way to go.

Any help would be perfect, thanks in advance and I hope you excuse my lack of knowledge