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Thread: Reverse Engineering via tracing

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    Reverse Engineering via tracing

    A client wants to trace an application to leverage the sql it generates to write reports. Perhaps a gray area, but this might border on reverse engineering. I've responded with direction to obtain vendors approval in writing. What are your thoughts? Am I over thinking it?

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    Your approach of directing your client to obtain vendor approval in writing before attempting to trace and reverse engineer the application is a sound one. Reverse engineering can potentially be a legal gray area and could potentially violate copyright laws or terms of service agreements. It's important to be cautious and obtain proper permissions before proceeding.

    It's also worth noting that some vendors may not allow for reverse engineering of their applications, even with written approval. It's always better to be upfront and transparent with the vendor about the client's plans and to work out an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

    It's good practice to have the client sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the vendor if the vendor agrees to provide the source code or access to the SQL generated by the application. This will protect both parties, the vendor's intellectual property, and the client's usage of the information obtained.

    In summary, it's good that you are being cautious about this request and that you are directing your client to obtain proper permissions before proceeding. Obtaining written approval from the vendor and an NDA will help ensure that everyone's rights and interests are protected.

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