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Thread: combine two Access Jet SQL queries into one

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    combine two Access Jet SQL queries into one

    These are two queries that I use sequentially in order to produce a limited-scope crosstab output from what would otherwise by many more columns:

    SELECT Process
    FROM Sheet1
    WHERE Process IN ('Recovery','Extraction','Forming')
    GROUP BY PackageID
    PIVOT Process;

    I name the above statement Query1. The problem with this query is that 4 columns are returned instead of only the 3 that I want displayed. (The fourth column appears at the far left and is headed "Process" but predictably its contents underneath are irrelevant.)
    Then to limit the output to only 3 columns, I have a second query, which calls the above:

    SELECT Query1.Recovery, Query1.Extraction, Query1.Forming
    FROM Query1;

    How can the two statements above be combined into one?
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    Can nest the first within the second: FROM (first query sql here) AS Query1;

    Instead of WHERE clause, specify fields in PIVOT clause: PIVOT Process IN('Recovery','Extraction','Forming');

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