I am working to create a DB solution retrieving information based on 3 criterias: Region, Product-code and application.
The initial idea was to store the information using SQL and then create a UI frontpage, where the user should be able to "look up" information filling in 2/3 criterias or 3/3. If 2/3 criterias are selected, the the user should be presented to a list of the 3rd criteria available based on the 2/3 criterias. If 3/3 criterias are chosen then only 1 information shall be delivered.

We have now been talking to a lot of people, who are recommending either just using Excel or PowerBI.

We are looking to expand the data through time. At the moment we have 10.000 rows and 11 columns of information. We might end up with 100.000 rows times 11 columns.
Initially we are only going to use it in house and are looking at multiple users at the same time. In total we might have 100-200 users.

I hope you can advise me on whether to use PowerBI or SQL Server?