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Thread: MS Access database over web? - most cost-effective solution?

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    MS Access database over web? - most cost-effective solution?

    Hi folks

    I administer an Access 2010 database that operates with approx 6 users using Access Runtime over a LAN. I need to expand the setup to incorporate additional users, some of whom are in different locations. I am assuming I need a web based solution. I would be happy to convert Access to a different DBMS if required. The solution needs to be cost-effective as we run on a shoestring. The database size is approx 0.6GB. Very grateful for any ideas or suggestions.


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    Yeah if you have a lot of time invested in front end stuff like forms and reports, you can move your tables to another DBMS like Postgres, MariaDB or MySQL and then create a ODBC connector with the appropiate IP address to link those tables even through the internet. As long as you keep the table names constant in the .accdb file, it should work, although you need to be aware of the specific behavior of some fields and update events (the infamous "another use has edit the record" message when beginning to port the tables).

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