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Thread: Reserving a set number of sequential auto generated IDs

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    Reserving a set number of sequential auto generated IDs


    I have a situation where I need to reserve a set number of sequential auto generated IDs. So for example I might need to reserve the IDS

    1,2,3,4 and ensure that no other process can obtain these IDs.

    I thought that something like:

    begin transaction;
    INSERT INTO Test WITH (tablockx) (in_use) VALUES (1),(1),(1),(1)
    commit; -- until this commit is done access to the table is denied

    This would give an lock on the table until I've grabbed the next 4 ids and committed the transaction.

    This would be done in a web application, I guess the downside is that if the process fails then we'd be left with a table that's locked.

    Does anyone know if there's a better way of reserving the ids? The number to reserve is not fixed and can and will change over time.


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    Oracle allows you to cache a block of sequences. If you are using SQL Server then you should use table like you are proposing. But if you do not use the sequence then you may have gaps.

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