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Thread: Database backup and recovery comparison

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    Question Database backup and recovery comparison


    I am working on a school thesis and was wondering If you could help me.

    My thesis is about comparing database backup and recovery features of different DBMS. I am focusing on oracle, mssql, mysql and postgresql.

    I have come up with criteria for the comparison, but I need sub criteria. I will write here what I already have and please feel free to tell me what you would change or add.


    Suport for online backup. Sub criteria: Requires manual locking(warm backup). Has locking done automatically. Doesnt need locking(hot backup).

    Supports full, differential and incremental backup. Sub criteria: Supports none. Supports only full. Supports also differential. Supports also incremental.

    Supports backup compression. Sub criteria: Doesnt support it. Supports it. Lets you pick how much compression you want. Lets compress all the backups automatically.

    Supports backup encryption Sub criteria: The same like with compression, because I didnt think of anything better.

    Support for point in time recovery Sub criteria: PITR isnt possible. PITR is possible. DBMS has a tool that makes PITR easier. And I need possibly one more sub criteria for this.

    Supports partial backup Sub criteria: I am not sure here. It could be how partial it is for example can I backup only a tablespace, table or a column. Or I know that some DBMS support differential backups even for partial backups, so maybe that would be better.

    DBMS has a tool that helps DBA to fulfill backup retention and redundancy policies Sub criteria: Also not sure about this one. I wanted the criteria to be something like "having a backup repository" but as far as I know only Oracle has that, but maybe I am wrong. Some tools that would help DBA with managing backups and picking the right one when needed.

    Support for database rewind instead of backup and recovery Sub criteria: No idea here

    I will really appreciate your input on any of these. I would like to have 4 sub criteria for every criteria. I am very inexperienced when it comes to this. So its possible that something flat out doesnt make sense. Please tell me.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    Support for object level recovery, e.g. restore one table or stored procedure.

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