Hi guys,

What I want is a table of IPs and the then the number of impressions and clicks for each IP. Impressions and clicks are stored in separate tables where each row corresponds to one impression/click. So, what I want is all the impressions from the impressions table and all the matching clicks from the click table, grouped by IP address.

The problem is that this query is returning the same number for clicks and impressions... which isn't possible, there should be more impressions than clicks in most cases. I've tried like 5 versions of the same query.

SELECT i.ip_address AS ip, count(c.a_id) AS clicks, count(i.a_id) AS impressions
FROM impressions_table AS i
LEFT JOIN click_table AS c
ON i.ip_address = c.ip_address
WHERE i.id = '123456789'
AND c.id = '123456789'
AND i.timestamp>='2018-08-14-00'
AND c.timestamp>='2018-08-14-00'

Is there anything that stands out as being obviously wrong in my above query?