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Thread: cant insert data to DBF database

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    cant insert data to DBF database


    we have old version software that log data into DBF file that create by the software.
    until now we work with this software under windows Xp and its work fine .

    we try to use this software under windows 10 and we can write into the DBF database.
    the software create the DBF file but we get error every time it try to write value into the data base.

    we thought it something with the ODBC , so we install Microsoft access Dbase drive but it didnt help .
    we look on the table using DBF viewer and the table is open good .

    anyone have an Idea ?


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    Please, it would be a help to indicate the text of the error you got.

    Also, is there an index for the file. Maybe the file is OK, but the index(s) is not?


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