I have an employee ID based on initials+last four of ssn.

The computer can generate this automatically. The problem is that 14 other tables are linked to the Employee_ID, and if I need to update the employee_ID, because of an error in the persons name, I can`t seem to do it, and do a cascading update.

The only way I know to do it is to delete all of the relationships (RFI) between employee_ID and it`s foreign keys in other tables and use triggers., but then this means that in each of the 14 tables, I would have to check before allow updates, deletes, and inserts to find out whether or not it is a valid value.

Does anyone have any ideas? This is really a problem. It is not an issue in tables where an autonumber is the PK, because it will never change, but if I used an autonumber on employee table and had to drop and reestablish it, it would be a pain.

I need to be able to update the employee_ID and have it update the foreign keys referencing it.

I am out of ideas.


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