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Thread: Can I store a Sql Server tran-log & DB backups on another box

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    Can I store a Sql Server tran-log & DB backups on another box

    I am new to Sql Server database administration, my background is DB2 DBA on the mainframe.
    My senior Sql DBA is on leave, and I have a request to setup backups for a Sql Server 2012 Dev system, and store
    them on another box, my immediate thought was that I should be able to do that, providing the
    sysadmin acct. which will run the backups has authority to save data on the target box.
    Would that be correct ?

    Also in case a restore is required, then I would have to copy the tran-log & DB backups, back to the box where the database
    is, & then do the restore, would that be right ?

    Appreciate any feedback & advise.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Yes you can. You need to run SQL Server services under domain account and grant read/write access to the file share you create on another server. You can use UNC path for backup/restore location.

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    Many thanks Skhanal.

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