I'm looking to parse stories through SyntaxNet but I'm extremely new to this program and databases. https://research.googleblog.com/2016...rlds-most.html

I'm told that, in the end, I'll want it to be in an inverted index.

To gain the speed benefits of indexing at retrieval time, I'll have to build the index in advance. The major steps in this are:

1. Collect the documents to be indexed:

2. Tokenize the text, turning each document into a list of tokens:

3. Do linguistic preprocessing, producing a list of normalized tokens, which are the indexing terms:

Index the documents that each term occurs in by creating an inverted index, consisting of a dictionary and postings.

My question is if I have to get everything in order before putting the information into a inverted index database, what holds my data while I'm collecting it from thousands of storys? Can I append to the information already inside it, by re-indexing?