I am using the one of latest version of SSRS (2013) I am having trouble to subtotal my fields to the subtotal row. In the detail row I have 6 columns that uses calculated field the detail fields work fine I get the correct results, but I cannot subtotal I used the following code for one of the columns on the Report code:

Public Shared Value as Integer=0

Public Shared Function GetValue(Item as Integer) as Integer

value= value + Item

return Item

End Function

Public Shared Function GetTotal()

return value

End Function

I use this code in the detail row for subtotaling =Code.GetValue(ReportItems!txtCurrentMTD.Value)

and in the subtotal field =Code.GetTotal()

It works great, but I need to hide the detail row, when I do hide the detail row I get $0 for the amount. There has to be a way I can show the subtotal from calculated field when the detail row is hidden. I need a good solution I do not want to change the sql query it's to complex. Any help will be really appreciate. I am at the end of my rope. Thank you in advance.