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Thread: Getting previous business day data db2

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    Getting previous business day data db2


    I am using db2 my query (very simple) goes as follows:

    Select ShpDate, ShpAmt
    From Shipped

    Here is where I am having an issue. I need to get the previous business day data. For example If today is Tuesday then I need to get Monday data. The problem I encountered is what about Friday night. Our business days are from Monday - Friday. When Monday comes around I need Friday's data. Any help will be apprecieated. Thank you in advance.

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    I don't write code so bare with me.... Seems like you could specify:

    From shipped where shpdate equals 03/11/2016

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    Thantks Steve,

    What I trying to get away from hard coding a date, what I am looking for is in a function. Thanks anyways.

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