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Thread: Alternative to ORacle DB with mininal migration time and costs?

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    Alternative to ORacle DB with mininal migration time and costs?

    Looking for feedback from Users who are aware of viable options to Oracle as a DAtabase.
    Specifically if it is an (all too common) disgruntled customer unhappy with Oracles licensing rules, VMWare position, Aggressive audits or even the forceful sales guys at Oracle who are heavily incentivised to sell Oracle CLoud... whether the customer requires this or not, (in some/most cases used to resolve a compliance position)

    OF COURSE I am aware of TmaxSoft offering "Tibero".... But what others are there?

    Beware of Oracle's #licensing 'traps,' law firm warns

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    Wikipedia: Oracle Database > Competition

    In the market for relational databases, Oracle Database competes against commercial products such as

    IBM's DB2 UDB and
    Microsoft SQL Server.

    Oracle and IBM tend to battle for the mid-range database market on UNIX and Linux platforms, while Microsoft dominates the mid-range database market on Microsoft Windows platforms. However, since they share many of the same customers, Oracle and IBM tend to support each other's products in many middleware and application categories (for example:

    PeopleSoft, and
    Siebel Systems CRM),

    and IBM's hardware divisions work closely[citation needed] with Oracle on performance-optimizing server-technologies (for example, Linux on z Systems). The two companies have a relationship perhaps[original research?] best described as "coopetition". Niche commercial competitors include

    Teradata (in data warehousing and business intelligence),
    Software AG's ADABAS,
    Sybase, and
    IBM's Informix,

    among many others.

    In 2007, competition with

    SAP AG

    occasioned litigation from Oracle Corporation.[139]

    Increasingly, the Oracle database products compete against such open-source software relational database systems as

    Firebird, and

    Oracle acquired Innobase, supplier of the InnoDB codebase to MySQL, in part to compete better against open source alternatives, and acquired Sun Microsystems, owner of MySQL, in 2010. Database products licensed as open source are, by the legal terms of the Open Source Definition, free to distribute and free of royalty or other licensing fees.

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    Hello all,
    I've recently completed Oracle Training and I have a lot of doubts regarding that field. Glad that I came across this forum. I'm getting a lot of information here. Thanks for sharing valuable posts.

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