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Thread: Tips for Oracle on Windows > Migrated from MSSQL

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    Tips for Oracle on Windows > Migrated from MSSQL

    All of out databases tools have now been converted tor Oracle from MSSQL in the past year.

    I was wondering if you experts had any advice for tasks/ tools that were routine when using MSSQL that I am finding hard to live without.

    1. xp_cmdshell - How or what tools do you use to batch Queries or updates from Oracle remotely across multiple servers. xp_cmdshell would do the most routine tasks that you could run from a CMD prompt while also executing queries. In Oracle I have yet to find a tool that matches this.

    Also Oracle seems to order queries on odd ways. It will pull the correct data but the result set in an order that I would normaly expect IE.. Alphabetical or in numerically.
    Have you experienced this ?

    Also any tip for Powers hell with Oracle ? Power shell is new on my plate and am finding it a little over whelming.

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    Power shell is definitely overwhelming but it is powerful scripting tool. You can use combination of powershell and sqlplus to do the remote execution.

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