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Thread: SQL Server 2005 repair

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    SQL Server 2005 repair

    I have a SQL Server (on Windows XP) where I have published reports using Report Manager and a bunch of databases. Within the SQL Server, I have jobs scheduled to run updates on tables, etc. I came in this morning to find that the root drive died. My drive is partitioned such that my databases aren't on the root drive - so I was able to salvage the databases.

    I was able to use a prior hard drive (from about a month ago - we upgraded) and load current databases to the old drive. I'm trying to bring the old drive up to speed with today's data, jobs, files... .

    My databases seemed to load fine.

    What I can't do is view any of the reports that use Report Manager. A few questions:

    1. Are the jobs that run through SQL Server stored in a different directory than the databases?
    2. Any idea of what's happening with accessing report manager reports? Usually a client machine could access the reports using IE. - also can't connect using an ODBC connection with Access. (the network plug is connected).
    3. Am I missing any other pieces that may need to be restored to the current view besides the databases?

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sql jobs are stored in msdb and reporting service related staffs are stored in RS dbs, so you have to get all of them out from old disk.

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    the same question is available here:
    read the solutions in this post. If you get the solution then reply on the same thread.

    Best of Luck

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