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I am connected to an oracle database from my php file. I want to query and print out the result. I can successfully connect to the database but cannot get the output. Please help. I am not an expert and the code might be wrong...

My code:
$dbHost = "xxxx";
$dbServiceName = "xxxx";
$usr = "xxxx";
$pswd = "xxxx";
(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=".$dbServiceName.")))" ;

if(!$dbConn = oci_connect($usr,$pswd,$dbConnStr)){
$err = oci_error();
trigger_error('Could not establish a connection: ' . $err['message'], E_USER_ERROR);

$strSQL = "select message as A from bnb_mobvw_bal where account_number=UPPER('{%1}') and mobile_no='{%phone}'";
$stmt = oci_parse($dbConn,$strSQL);
if ( ! oci_execute($stmt) ){
$err = oci_error($stmt);
trigger_error('Query failed: ' . $err['message'], E_USER_ERROR);

$rslt = oci_result($stmt, 1); print "query returned: ".$stmt."";

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