hi there - i have hyperlinks in a column in ssrs report (in tablix) which point to some server where a dump of documents reside..the address in every

hyperlink has a doc id appended which helps locate that doc and so clicking this link on ssrs report invokes the respective doc from that server..

now this works fine if the ssrs report runs with the windows logged in user and the same user is also set up on that document server where ssrs

hyperlink points to..and this was in dev env..

going ahead in a controlled env, there would only be one system a/c which will be set up on that doc server and regardless of who the logged in

windows user is who runs the report; access to the docs on that doc server will only be given to that sys a/c..so i passed this same sys a/c (which is

set up on that doc server) in the data source in report mgr --> credentials stored securely in report server..and thought that these credentials will be

picked while navigating to that doc server and the doc would be opened..but this doesn't seem to happen and it doesn't invoke the document...says

invalid credentials..so i think it's picking my logged in credentials here and not the ones of the sys a/c that i entered in data source...(pls note here, the

doc server url doesn't contain the report server / report manager url components..it's a different url and is used to only open the doc..so i don't think i

can pass user credentials to that url like &dsuatasourcename=username&dspatasourcename=password..may be i am wrong and i can pass? but

don't think that's secure even if it's an option?)

alternatively, i thought this could be achieved by changing the execution account to this system a/c, under reporting services config mgr..but then we

only have ssrs client tools installed..so can't change server settings..and just for this one requirement, nobody would accept my request to change the

execution account...also don't know if changing exec account is even a solution for this?

i hope the question is clear..please give some work arounds..i'm stumped and not getting required help anywhere..

note: as another work around, i asked if a group can be set up on that doc server..and when all the users accessing the report are added to the

group, they can open the doc after navigating from ssrs report...but the idea giving access to a group was rejected...they can only give access to this

sys a/c...