Hello I am using SSRS 2014 have a pie chart showing Top 5 customers, which contains date field - “From” – Parameter1, “To”- Parameter2 works fine. What I want to do is have a drill down showing more detail based on Parameter1 and Parameter2 and a field displaying customer name (5 customers) from my pie chart. Now the drill down report has “From” – Parameter1, “To” – Parameter2. If I click on the pie chart and select a series I will get the dates and a series correct, but I want the ability to show all values in the series (Customer Names at total of 5) into the drill down how do I do that? I want to have the ability select a series or all. I try to set up parameters in pie chart for customer name and created hidden parameter in drill down, but I can only get 1 series. Thank you in advance.