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Thread: Formatting an SQL select

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    Formatting an SQL select

    Hi, I am trying to format the SQL query i have below in order to have the CoLocalCount show up with '# of Locals:' in front of the actual Count itself. I have changed to count to varchar in order for it to be able to read text but no matter where i put the actual 'quotes' it errors out. Any help would be appreciated.

    SELECT *
    SELECT 'Company Name : ' + JE.NAME AS CompanyName,
    --CoJC.Code AS CoLocalCode,
    CAST(COUNT (CoJC.Code) AS varchar(25)) AS CoLocalCount,

    JWL.NAME AS WorklocationName,
    --WLJC.Code AS WLLocalCode
    CAST(COUNT(WLJC.Code) AS varchar(25)) AS WLLocalCount
    FROM dbo.Job_Employer JE

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    Where is '# of Locals:' supposed to be in the query?

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