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Thread: Database Design Question (How to handle alternate part numbers?)

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    Database Design Question (How to handle alternate part numbers?)

    How should a database be designed to give alternate part numbers? I have looked at a single table with MainPartNum and AltParNum. But this seems very redundant and would be very difficult to manage. An alternate design I have thought about is a table with a large number of AltPartNum fields that may not always get used. Again this just seems wrong to me. Below is some example data could you please explain to me how best to manage this?

    Part Number AAA-AAAA
    Alternates BBB-BBBB, CCC-CCCC

    Part Number BBB-BBBB
    Alternates AAA-AAAA, CCC-CCCC

    Part Number CCC-CCCC
    Alternates AAA-AAAA, BBB-BBBB

    Part Number DDD-DDDD
    Alternates None

    Part Number EEE-EEEE
    Alternates FFF-FFFF

    Part Number FFF-FFFF
    Alternates EEE-EEEE

    Thank You

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    Create another table for alternate part numbers and set relation to main part table.

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