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Thread: input mask for surname and first name

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    input mask for surname and first name

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to create my table in design view(MS ACCESS 2010). In Field Properties, I click on the ellipse for creating the input mask, the wizard pops up, but I'm only getting samples for zip codes, dates, etc. no name samples. How can I create a mask that is 30 characters long, upper case? Obviously, most last names aren't going to be 30 characters long, but I can't seem to create one properly.

    Thanks in advance

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    To Make text Uppercase

    If you put the data entry form into design mode.
    eg.On the field that holds the FirstName, on the Event - AfterUpdate, put the code

    me.FirstName = UCase(me.firstName)

    this will convert the text to Upper Case

    - Replace "FirstName" with your field name

    Kind Regards
    Helen Burns

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    Thx Helen. I finally figured it out - by accident!

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