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Thread: Urgent! Advice needed on resolving Many-To-Many Relationships

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    Urgent! Advice needed on resolving Many-To-Many Relationships

    I have a fact table where a single record may have multiple permutations of a single attribute so I need some advice as to how I may go about handling the relationships of these attributes to their appropriate dimension.

    As an example, a person may have a single record in the fact table but may list up to 5 different States in that record which go back to a State Dimension.

    What is the best approach to associate those 5 States for that 1 individual to the State dimension?

    So this isn't a true many to many relationship in the sense that the same individual isn't listed 5 times in the fact table for each State. But rather that the 1 individual is listed in the fact table but may list many States in the single record.

    If more clarification of the problem is required, please let me know but I believe the issue is pretty straight forward as I've explained.

    Thanks much for any advice whatsoever!

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    Usually can set two one to many relationships for this kind of issue.

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    ??? I'm sorry, but can you be more descriptive?


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    Do you need to have the person active in all five states?. If only one is active and other four are for historical purpose, then you can use an indicator column in FACT table to indicate that, refer to "Slowly Changing Dimension" concept.

    If all five are active then you will need to create an associative table between fact table and dimension. It would turn your star schema into snowflake.

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