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Thread: Query dependancy

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    Query dependancy


    I am trying to solve a SQL query and am looking for some help on how to do this.

    The scenario is : I need to look at travel agents and the payments that they have taken within a certain time period.My first query should identify the payments taken for the branch which i can do.

    My second query should return the travel agents names against the payments taken. I am not sure how to do this in by using query 1.

    I was thinking of using a #table for the query and then return seperate datasets?.The first dataset would be the Travel agent summaries,the second dataset would be the Travel agent payments taken.

    Is this the best option or is there a better way of doing this?.



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    Can't you join the two tables to get travel agent name in one query?. It is hard to make a suggestion without knowing the table structures.

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