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Thread: Can we acheive this in Report RDL ?

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    Can we acheive this in Report RDL ?

    I have a requirement where i need to concatenate values of multiple rows into single comma seperated field based on a common field in the same data set...Not sure if i made it clear ...

    2345 payoff s

    2345 loan s

    2345 Mortgage c

    2345 Title c

    I get something like this in my dataset from an oracle package which i dont have access to change....

    I need

    2345 Payoff,loan s

    2345 Mortgage,Title c

    in my report in a single row ... i could do it in storeprocedure but i dont have access to modify, all i can do is get the dataset as it is so i have to do this in RDL ...Can we do this .. any help would be great!!



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    Add a calculated field with expression like Field1+' '+Field2+' '+Field3

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