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Thread: How to add a carriage / line feed in SSRS

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    How to add a carriage / line feed in SSRS

    I have a small 20-row table in my SQL08-R2 database that has an nvarchar(max) field. Within this field, I have text with various CR/LF's (see 'sampleCRLF.png' image ).

    For some reason when I create an RDL file and drop this particular field in a 'table' within Reporting Services, sometimes the CRF/LF's display properly and sometimes they don't. I have been searching and troubleshooting with no solutions...

    All the text is showing up (in the ‘Report Preview’) with no line breaks.

    I have tried every conceivable combination in the Expression editor using the Replace function to force the break; example: '=Replace(Fields!Header01.Value, Chr(13) ,vbCrLf)'

    Any thoughts on an appropriate expression to get the line breaks to render consistently?
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    I found the solution to be:

    =Replace(Fields!Header01.Value, Chr(13) ,Chr(10))

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