NORMALIZATION: For each of the following questions, give the revised table definition(s). You must support your definitions with an explanation of why you made the changes. For EACH and EVERY table (including intermediate ones) you MUST underline the primary key and list all the FDs.

1. Given the following table definition and FD constraints.

VetVisit (AnimalName, OwnerName, OwnerAddress, OwnerPhone, DoctorNumber, DoctorName, Date, Diagnosis, TreatmentCode, Charge)

FDs = { OwnerName  OwnerAddress, OwnerPhone
DoctorNumber  DoctorName
AnimalName, OwnerName, Date  DoctorNumber, Diagnosis, TreatmentCode
TreatmentCode  Charge }

A. An owner may have more than one pet.

B. Multiple owners may have pets with the same name.

identify the primary key..
check if table is in 1NF,2NF,3NF