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Thread: sql query

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    sql query

    Hello, I have this table in Microsoft SQL.


    ref Type Description

    aaa 1 rossi mario
    aaa 2 via Verdi 1
    aaa 3 20124 Milano
    bbb 1 bianchi nicola
    bbb 2 via Roma 4
    bbb 3 20100 Milano

    I need to use data in office compilation, so i wish to obtain an excel sheet with a sql query structured in this way:

    ref Description 1 Description 2 Description 3

    aaa rossi mario via Verdi 1 20124 Milano

    bbb bianchi nicola via Roma 4 20100 Milano

    How may I obtain this ?



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    Which version of sql server you have? Take look at pivot operator in books online if you have sql2k5 or up.

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