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Thread: Is there any Issues in Oracle10g regarding UNION

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    Is there any Issues in Oracle10g regarding UNION

    When i tried with two select statements with One UNION, it is executing properly, when i'm adding one more UNION and select statement then it saying ORA-03113 error, Is there any issues regarding UNIon in Oracle10g

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    Can you post your select statement, ORA-3113 is a communication error, does it happen every time you run this statement?

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    That example was run in and, as far as I know, two UNION statements won't throw an error. As mentioned before an ORA-03113 is a compmunication error.

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    I use tons of unions and have never encountered this condition.
    More likely is that your database has a corruption which is unrecoverable (that will somtimes end the connection and result in an end of file on communication channel).
    Try to set you session in sql_trace, and execute the query again.
    Then investigate the alertlog and the logs generated since you enabled trace on your database. Probably you will find an error there.

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